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The Travelling Anchor 150 scenes of the portcity of kobe

photograph by Shinako Sakai

The Travelling Anchor 150 scenes of the portcity of kobe
At the Port of Kobe in July 2017, I came across an anchor that had once made voyages across many seas, all the while performing its role in the depth and darkness of the seabed. This anchor will go on a trip—accompanied by myself and a breeze over the land—into the landscape of Kobe, which must be a totally novel sight for the anchor. For the 150th anniversary of the port, which brings the past, present, and future together, I intend to photograph 150 views of Kobe, a city where the port has been the fountainhead of diverse cultures, capturing the many different scenes and the here and now of various locations as I explore the town on foot and meet its people. I will push the anchor around in a white [wheeled] frame representing the margin of a picture postcard. My purpose is not only to show Kobe to the anchor but also to show to the people of Kobe the anchor in the postcard against an ever-changing background view. Passersby will no doubt take photos of me as I push the anchor, and hopefully, they will also appear within the frame of the postcard photographed by them. Once a rare luxury, photography today is at the fingertips of almost anybody, who can instantly publish the here and now across physical distances using SNS platforms.
Throughout the duration of the Port City Kobe Art Festival, my “postcard frame” and “anchor” will travel to and from the port and Kobe’s many sights. I am hopeful that the scenes and people awaiting me at the destinations, and the multiple angles and overlapping layers involved in capturing the spaces, will lead to expressions that result in relationships endowed with greater depth. The ongoing 150 views will be displayed at the entrance hall of Port Oasis.
Realized with the support of : Yamamoto Marine Supplies
With the cooperation of: Jun Kitanishi, Yotaro Tasaka, Hidetsugu Fukui, Susumu Matsuo, Junji Yamaguchi, Nobuyasu Yoshida(School&Studio Glass An)
Location of work

Kobe Port Oasis


Yukinori Yamamura 
Yukinori Yamamura was born in Kobe City in 1972. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Osaka University of Art in 1994, and completed his master’s course in visual arts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway in 2005. His works, created in Japan and abroad employing many different materials and techniques, are informed by the history and culture of a given locale, and by his encounters and exchanges with its people. Among the artist’s central concerns are the richly diverse relationships produced by his works, and their processes and connections.