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dot architects loosens, or relaxes, spaces neatly delineated according to purpose by urban design, and creates places that hover between public and private, thereby proposing possible ways of utilizing irregular-shaped lots occurring in the urban environment. In addition to undertaking architectural design, dot architects has created in many parts of the country unique spaces by “cutting, mixing, cooking and flipping”—the kind of skills and knack one needs to make a good okonomiyaki, using tools within the reach of anyone—like the okonomiyaki turner—and by maintaining the purposeful yet laid-back attitude of someone about to make okonomiyaki. The site of our Port City Kobe Art Festival project is at the foot of the Kobe Ohashi Bridge, in Kita Park in Kobe City. The project, named Under the Bridge, is a temporary club where total strangers can meet and delight in the physical pleasures of unwinding, talking, drinking, and listening to sound. The illuminated “Under the Bridge” sign, visible from the sea, acts as a beacon signaling the opening of this new place. Operated in partnership with space eauuu, a gallery, live house and café in Kobe’s Motomachi district, Under the Bridge is scheduled to open for parties mainly on Saturdays and Sundays during the Port City Kobe Art Festival.

The project has been realized in cooperation with: space eauuu, Bunsyo Nshikawa, Kyoto University of Art and Design ULTRA FACTORY

Note: The Under the Bridge bar by dot architects is expected to be open mainly on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (subject to change). 17:00 – 22:00 (opening time to be announced).


Location of artwork

Port Island Kita Koen Park

dot architects
dot architects is an architectural partnership formed by Toshikatsu Ienari and Takeshi Shakushiro. It is based in Kita-Kagaya, Osaka, at Coop Kitakagaya, a studio where individuals, clubs, NPOs and other organizations across such fields as art, alternative media, archiving, architecture, and local studies join efforts to realize an alternative society. dot architects carries out design, construction and other processes in partnership with a wide range of people both expert and non-expert. In addition to architectural design, it undertakes on-site construction, research projects, art projects, and many other types of work. The partnership currently includes six members: Toshikatsu Ienari, Takeshi Shakushiro, Wataru Doi, Hidefumi Terada, Keiko Miyachi and Ai Ikeda.